Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things that you need to know about LA..

Hey! Welcome to my blog everybody. Yeah, this is my first time being a blogger and all that. I'm not that familiar with this territory so please bear with me for now.

Anyway, let me list the ten things that you need to know about LA:
1. I'm Melissa's younger brother, and yep, I'm taller than her. Way taller, haha!
2. I am a sporty guy: I love playing basketball and and football... Yeah, it's not soccer dude. Only gays call that sport as such, haha!
3. I'm a techie guy as well. I love collecting gadgets, new cameras and the like.
4. I share a lot of things with my sister: my writing style, my being sporty and techie, our talents, and a lot more. Like brother, like sister nga di ba mga pre? Hehe!
5. I'm a talented photographer and an artist in the making. It's something that I do not share with my sister- I got that from my aunt.
6. I'm a sophomore Computer Science student at La Salle Manila. I was supposed to enroll to Beda with my sister, but I decided to pick DLSU, kasi I hate having that sister pressure. She's an exceptional student- I hate living it on someone's shadow.
7. I am taken. Sorry girls, haha! Kidding!
8. I am vain. I love taking pics of myself.
9. My left ear twitches when I lie- as my sister claims, haha!
10. I am quite friendly, outgoing and cheerful by nature. :)

Hope that you will follow my blog. I'll be updating this site next week. See ya peepz!